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The World's Greatest Hike and Cycling Trails on One Platform For The Price of a Coffee.
(depending on where you buy your coffee but that isn't up to us!)

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Dynamic Trail Challenges for Hikers, Cyclists & Runners

Waytrails is a hike, cycling and running app to take you on some of the world’s greatest trails. Our trails combine the thrill of the physical activity with the intellectual rewards of discovering what happened in these places. They are a combination of backcountry and city trails.

Waytrails gives you access to a selection of self-curated and world-renowned routes, and we're always adding more. With our accurate GPX guidance, collected resources, access to travel booking alongside captivating stories you will maximise your time, both planning and using our verified trails. 

With Waytrails, you're in full control. You have access to travel and accommodation booking directly through the app, giving you complete autonomy and decision-making power over your budget and travel options. All accommodation is as close to the trails as possible to avoid detours!

We understood that traditional outdoor trails often missed one crucial element - the stories that bring a destination to life. And that's where Waytrails has you covered. We've assembled a team of passionate storytellers and trail developers who create self-guided challenges for your own pace, on your own terms and within your timings from checkpoint to checkpoint. 

Hike, cycle or run with confidence. All our routes are verified, tested and official self-guided trails, ensuring a reliable experience. Choose from a range of trails; cityscapes, ancient woodlands, alpine passes, or windswept beaches - the choice of adventure is yours!

Welcome to Waytrails, Where Outdoor Adventures Truly Matter.

Waytrails Team
Western Front Way Cycle ©BPemberton

Meet the Team 

Rory Forsyth

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Waytrails. He was Chief Executive of the Western Front Way from 2016 - 2023 before founding Waytrails. Rory specialises in product development, company strategy and brand advancement. He believes places are more impactful if experienced in person and enjoys endurance style running events.

Kim Hay

Co-founder of Waytrails and Head of Marketing and Communications. Kim develops and delivers the digital, analytical and brand building side to the brand. She wanted to develop trails that maximise both the physical and cultural experiences of trail travel.

Richard Mayon-White

Richard is the Logistics Director for Waytrails. He has been managing director and founder of several companies in the expedition, exploration, and adventure travel sectors. He specialises in strategic business development, operations & logistics. He strongly believes in experiential travel and exploration.