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Cycling the Normandy Way

Experience Normandy like never before as you set off on our official 300km cycling adventure.

 What You’ll See

What better way to maximise your cycling experience than by exploring the picturesque Norman countryside, historic towns like Caen and Bayeux, and taking in the enchanting belle-epoque beach fronts that witnessed the pivotal D-Day Landings? Whether you're a seasoned cyclist in search of a thrilling challenge or a casual weekend rider looking for a challenge, Normandy provides the ideal setting for an unforgettable cycling adventure.

WWII History

The DDay Landings played a crucial role in World War II. As a result, the region is home to numerous historical sites and museums that you will cycle past, offering insights into opposing sides during that time. You can also explore the remains of the Atlantic Wall, a fortification system built by Nazi Germany, which highlights the immense engineering and technical abilities displayed during World War II.


Your WWII checkpoints include:

Airborne Museum


British Normandy Memorial

Dead Man’s Corner

Juno Beach Centre

Mémorial de Caen

Hillman Fortress

Normandy American Cemetery

Pegasus Bridge

Pont du Hoc

Utah Beach Landing Museum


Norman History

Beyond its wartime significance, Normandy Way Caen Sunnyoffers an array of other attractions. You can enjoy the charming towns dotted along the countryside significant to their own history, which saw the Vikings, The Hundred Years’ War, William the Conqueror and Mathilde of Flanders. Historic cities like Bayeux, and Caen offer a wealth of medieval and architectural treasures, including cathedrals, castles, and museums.

Norman history checkpoints include:

Abbaye aux Dammes 

Abbaye aux Hommes

Château de Caen

Bayeux Tapestry

Domaine d’Audrieu

Mining Museum

Ornavik Viking Museum

Abbaye Saint Vigor


What to Eat!

Normandy is renowned for its food and drink, Moules Frites including seafood, cider, and calvados, all a temptation to visitors between spring and autumn. You will find oyster ‘shacks’ and breweries to propel your pedalling journey. Grab a quick bite from a local deli or a leisurely meal at a restaurant, you'll have plenty of options.




What To Expect With The Waytrails App


Normandy beaches, landmark locations, and Norman history;

The first circular loop designed for cyclists in Normandy;

60 dedicated checkpoints;

Detailed content crafted by Professor Andrew Stewart;

Points of interest, museums and activities directly on the trail;

Plan and book available hotels, amenities, transport, and restaurants;

Autonomy and decision-making over your budget and travel options.

Where do I start?

We recommend starting in Ouistreham which boasts a lively beachside atmosphere with hotels, charming restaurants and cafes. From here you can conveniently set off on the Normandy Way.


Accommodation on this trail varies from 5* to 2* but are mostly good, comfortable hotels. All are bookable on the Waytrails app.

Difficulty and terrain

Th Normandy Way is a moderate cycle challenge and would not require a high level of fitness. The trail can be broken into three, 4-6h of cycling per day. The routes remain on official bike paths or on quiet roads. There are very few steep or rough surfaces. The Normandy Way has been checked and verified by our teams. 

When to visit Normandy


This trail is suitable from beginning of April until mid October to take advantage of the weather and seasonal opening hours. The Normandy beaches are popular in the summer months and will require advanced booking for hotels and restaurants.


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